JMurrayMO81  10/14/2018 11:19 AM
Raceday in Talladega. Still exciting but not the same without Junior in the field.
JMurrayMO81  10/16/2018 11:42 PM
There currently isn't any options on the poll because I'm going to be trying to play catch up with some of the poll results.  There's currently 39 projects on there so I don't want any more added right now.
JMurrayMO81  10/16/2018 11:44 PM
I'm not sure how to feel about the changes to the NAPA scheme for 2019.  I like that they added more blue, I just don't know about the way the white and gold goes to the headlights.  I think they could've done something where it went farther down to the bottom.  It might be something I may have to try and do my own version of as a fictional.