Avatarfosterick: Its all good again Jeremy. Thanks 01/09/2020 12:57 PM
AvatarChecker_MC: @ Travis: In the Mods folder. 01/11/2020 2:55 PM
AvatarJMurrayMO81: @Zak103tv: We don't do schemes simply because someone asks. We try to keep it fair by having the paint scheme poll where people can vote on schemes. Right now since it's the offseason though there's not schemes on there. We also reserve the right to not do a scheme if we don't feel like it. What I mean by that is a scheme may be too complicated to do. That one you're asking for it because you have to have the mountains used in the base or recreate them yourself and I don't have that ability to make it look realistic like that. 01/19/2020 8:02 PM
AvatarJMurrayMO81: How's everyone doing on this Monday? 01/20/2020 2:17 PM
Avatarsweetracerdude: its monday... how do you think we feel lol 01/21/2020 8:24 AM
AvatarJMurrayMO81: Hey, I was just trying to be nice lol 01/21/2020 10:23 AM