Read before Registering
Accounts have to be approved
This means you will not be able to download right away. While you wait you can look around at the site, you'll just be unable to download.
You need to login immediately after registering.
Bots sometimes register accounts on the site. Because of this, we delete accounts that have not been logged into. So if you do not want to have to keep registering then you need to login so we know it's a person and not a bot.
Content is provided for NR2003 use only.
We do this to provide content for members of the NR2003 to make their own custom schemes for the program. It is not intended for use with other programs such as ROBLOX. It is also not intended for things like making custom diecasts. It is simply for the NR2003 community.

If we find out someone is using for other then NR2003 community, we can suspend/or ban that user.
There are download limits.
We expect members to follow these limits. Failure to do so could result in penalties such as increased time for the download button to show up.
Majority of files are RAR files
You will need a program like WinRAR that can open .rar files.
Use of content for profit is strictly prohibited.
We post this content for free to members. While we do get donations from time to time, we aren't doing this to make money. In fact, we lose money every month on things like the website. But we still provide this content for free.

So with that said, nobody needs to be taking our content and selling it to someone else. Basically, if we can't sell it, then you shouldn't either. Any member caught doing so will be banned permanently from our site.